Obey all traffic lights, stop signs, and other traffic control devices

Use hand signals to indicate stops and turns

Do NOT ride on the sidewalk. It is illegal in the Town of Westport

Wear a Helmet

75% of bicycle fatalities involve a head injury

Wear your helmet snug and level, no more than two fingers above your brow

Before you get on your bike, put on your helmet, no matter how short the trip

Safe Bike

Loose seats and handlebars are very dangerous - check them before you begin your ride, we can help adjust if needed

We keep our bike tires properly inflated and the brakes and chain working properly, but always double check your bike before you take it on the road.

Ride with Traffic

Always ride on the right side, with the flow of traffic

Use the furthest right lane that heads to your destination and stay as far to the right as practical within that lane

Slower moving cyclists and motorists stay to the right

Don’t ride more than two abreast and don’t impede flow of vehicular traffic
(i.e. when necessary, form a single line to allow vehicular traffic to overtake or pass)

Ride Predictably

Ride in a straight line

When passing other bicyclists, verbally notify them of your intentions clearly (e.g. "PASSING ON YOUR RIGHT", "ON YOUR LEFT")

Don't swerve in the road or between parked cars

Check for traffic before entering streets or intersections

Anticipate hazards—like potholes and storm drains—and adjust your position accordingly

Be Visible

Wear brightly colored or reflective clothing that provides contrast

All of our bikes are equipped with a white reflector in front, and a red reflector in the rear for visibility.

All rental bikes must be returned 30 minutes before sunset, as there are no lights on the bikes


Loudly announce yourself and make eye contact with motorists!

Sign Waiver

Electronic Waiver

For more riding and safety tips and videos visit http://bikeleague.org/ridesmartvideos