A little planning goes a long way and will lead to a more enjoyable experience. Here’s a step by step guide to planning for your easy breezy day.

Read  the waiver ahead of time and get on the road faster!

We are trying to connect people and places in a fun, leisurely way. Let us know how we can help you connect your favorite Westport destinations via bicycle.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Westport Bike Rentals is bringing the West Coast vibe to the East Coast, right? That means, we recycle and limit the use of plastic. Many of our pitstops will have water filling stations. Please limit your use of single plastic water bottles, bags, AND STRAWS! Check out this VERY interesting website: http://thelastplasticstraw.org

Pack Snacks or Picnic

Do you remember what GORP stands for? Good old raisins & peanuts. Make your own. My beach volleyball instructor, Phil Kaplan, suggests bringing a banana for a snack. Bananas are just as effective as a sports drink in providing energy for your ride, they’re easy to carry and they have a built-in biodegradable wrapper. A super yummy, earth-friendly, body-boosting choice.

Wear sunblock (and bring it)

I prefer using a mineral sunscreen, made locally. Check out Block Island Organics  from Block Island, Kiss My Face which started in the Hudson River Valley,  OBX’s BanxBlock from the Outer Banks, or Santa Cruz-made, Burnout. Wear early & apply often. This is a good time to put your sunglasses in your bag for your ride too.

Research Parking

Do a little recon with Google maps or Bing maps at home. There are times when my GPS sends me on a wild goose chase and it sends my blood pressure skyrocketing. Be sure you to double check which ride or tour you've booked.  Meet Up Locations are highlighted at the bottom of each route with individual icons.

Preview Your Route

Have a general idea of the direction in which you want to travel. If you do not want to continuously look at a map, you can follow the East Coast Greenway signs (for the most part).  Do not feel locked in to any one route. Do as much or as little as you want. If you need help connecting a few points of interest, or making the route shorter, please shoot me an email.

Print Map

Check the Weather Report

The weather apps on phones seem to change hourly. Check out (my husband’s choice) Weather Underground. Westport’s zip code = 06880. Then, dress & pack accordingly. Here’s how to dress in layers. Choose the brightest clothes you own. You have permission to dress for function not fashion.

Bring Extras

Bring a book, a frisbee, a towel, beach blanket, playing cards, or even bubbles. Bring what makes you happy. Pick a spot or two on your route to rest or play. You’ll be grateful for your prior planning.

Read the Waiver

Read your waiver before you arrive  will cut down on logistics time and get you rolling in the right direction.

Fully Charge your Phone or Tablet

Once you start your ride, I have two suggestions regarding your phone: First, turn OFF your email. If it’s on, it’s just too tempting to check your messages & answer “just one” email. Give yourself a break, just for a few hours. Secondly, pack your charger. Battery phones tend to die quickly when they are searching for a signal & that’s exactly what happens down by the coastline. Put your charger in your bag & ask if you can charge your phone while you’re having a bite at one of the local pit stops.

Slow Down & Be Social

Find me, friend me, give me a tweet. Westport Bike Rentals is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Tag #westportbikerentals #goodtimesroll #thebikelady Another way to share your experience: send your photos and videos of your favorite moments of your ride with a couple of comments to: thebikelady@westportbikerentals.com. You could be featured in the next Westport Bike Rentals newsletter!

Have Fun

The most important thing is that you enjoy your day riding through Fairfield County's coastal towns. Slow down, explore, have fun, and come back for more!