My youngest daughter is spending a semester abroad in Europe. We dropped her off at the international terminal last week, all of us filled with nerves & tears. She landed safely & met up with her 29 other classmates from around the USA.


Within 48 hours, we received a call with a checklist on what was not meeting expectations: the apartment was far from the downtown area (a 25 minute walk), the food/sleeping situation was difficult, and some of the students were “negative nellies.”


Ahhhhh, I thought. Change. It brings out the worst in most of us.


veronaI delicately reminded my daughter of our mantra: that which you give out returns to you multiplied. You are in a European country. Step away from the negative talk. Take a deep breathe. Find some solutions.


Yes, it’s new, it’s different, and it’s nerve racking. That’s all okay. Look around on that walk to town: people-watch, study the architecture, taste new things, download a meditation app to help you sleep. Create a routine. Soak in the daily adventures.


The next day we received a message. Students have access to bikes. She & her friends found a route to town AND THERE’S A BIKE PATH! They stumbled upon a fresh fruit market during the day. At night, they joined in a silent disco (bought headphones from a street vendor & danced the night away).


double rainbowI realized that I created my business using the same philosophy that I’ve fostered in my children: Slow down, be present. You don’t need to go far or fast. For me, the surest way to happiness is connecting with the people and places right around me.


Another daughter posted a picture of a double rainbow that she saw in Montana. With this caption, “does this mean I’ll have double the luck this week?”


Sure, it does… if you create your own luck.