Before I moved to California, I lived in Bethel, CT. My father lived with my family there for almost 10 years. When we moved to Santa Cruz, he choose to move back to his childhood hometown area to be near his sister and childhood friends in Buffalo, NY.


This past spring, a series of medical issues landed my father in hospital over and over again. My brother and I did the best we could to visit him, but the 6+ hour drive (one way) was making it impossible and frustrating. We came to the decision that it would be best to move my father back down to the area so that we could help him and spend time with him.


Last Wednesday, I flew up to Buffalo where my brother met me with a trailer. We packed up my father’s things and the next day drove down to Carmel, NY (where we were raised & my brother still lives.) and moved him into a townhouse. It was a long, tiring day for everyone.


It’s been about a week now and so far I have gone over to watch a Mets game with my dad and made him a batch of corn chowder for dinner. My brother has gone over and helped him hang pictures and hook up his tv, and he also has made dinner for him. Plus, my husband took him food shopping at Hannaford’s (sorry, Shoprite) last weekend.


I bet you if you asked any one of us what we did for my father we probably say something like, “not much, just helped him settle in, “ and that would probably be close to the truth. We really did all those things for ourselves…to feel closer to my father, to show him that we care and respect him and to spend valued time with him that we’ve missed over the past few years.



This week has been a reminder of the importance of the simple things in life and the importance of taking care of each other.

So, to the man who taught The Bike Lady how to ride her bike, it feels good to have you home!

Check out this picture of me the day my dad taught me to ride a bike without training wheels in Okinawa, Japan circa 1974 (you can tell by the outfits.)