I’m ready for September: for cooler evenings, cooler mornings, crisp apples, and believe it or not, to start up a routine again.


September reminds me of starting school, getting used to a new schedule, and gearing up to learn new things. Basically, it feels like the start of a new year, a blank slate…that could be filled with whatever I chose to put on my calendar.


I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. A friend of mine just posed a question on Facebook, “What are you ready to do differently?”


Here’s my answer:

  1. I’m going to visit each of my daughters. For the last 2 years something has gotten in the way…health issues, house moves, concerns for other relatives.
  2. I joined a new book group. I saw a post (again on Facebook) and I decided to go for it.
  3. I am going to add hot yoga into my weekly exercise routine. Im one of the ones who doesn’t love yoga…but my hip kinda likes it so I’m putting in the books.


I think 3 things are enough. I’d really like to succeed at all of them.

Two flights are booked, one meeting is on my calendar, and a purchased a month-long pass for September.


I’d love to hear what you’re doing.


Oh…and I’m sneaking in one last summer hoorah this labor day weekend: I want to ride my bike down to Westport Library and play ping pong outside with the view of the Saugatuck. Then, I want to head over to Rothbard Ale & Larder & have a beer and a pretzel.


Happy Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer/start of the new year.