I’m back from vacationing in The Outer Banks. I stand corrected by my daughter: it was our 20th year.


It was filled with travel glitches, unexpected engine lights igniting, a BIG snake in the outdoor shower, and one day of wild weather (including a water spout).


It was also filled with full days of family: games, puzzles, meals, watching the Olympics together, tie dying T-shirts, sand, sun, and waves.


Mostly, it was filled with unhurried time. Every year, OBX is my timeout. I unplug (for the most part). I take long walks on the beach to hash things out – with my husband, or a daughter, or just work through it in my head.


rainbowFor me, standing on the shore looking out at the ocean or standing under the stars at night (away from city lights) is a reminder to dream.


If I could have any job right now, what would it be?

Answer: I’m still in love with Westport Bike Rentals…would love to be part of an outdoor sport center.


If I went back to school, what would I study?

Answer: Geology or a regional studies program like either of these:




If I could live anywhere, where would it be?

Answer: Coastal California, for sure


Where do I want to retire?

Answer: Probably want to be bicoastal: Carolinas & California. I absolutely want to talk an extended period of time (maybe a year?) to travel around the USA in a small Motorhome and a Vespa.


What’s new thing will I try this fall:

Answer: 2 things: I’m joining a brand new book group (and know no one!) and I would like to start up hot yoga at Fairfield Hot Yoga.

(I want a non-competitive yoga class for people who want to remain beginner status.)


Of course, it’s easier to feel open & dreamy on vacation. The trick is to carry that feeling of enough time & space and the willingness to take some leaps of faith into my “real” world.


The first day back it seems almost impossible: the ride home is long & tedious, the mail is piled high, the dogs want to make up for lost time, the inbox is full, etc


By Monday, I am usually homesick for vacation. I call it post-vacation depression. I made a rule for myself. The first Monday back I don’t have to do anything but get through the day.


And now back to reality. The good news is this: Westport is in a beautiful area with coastline minutes from my house. My daughters are safely where they need to be with a plan of action in place. The mornings have a hint of fall in them (which I love)!


jeepAnd, most importantly, I am starting to plan my next escape: Yellowstone National Park in September.


Here’s to the next best decision for me and for you. Cheers!