Here’s my run-in with Westport Animal Control. I have 2 dogs: a pug mix and a lab mix. Both are “rescues”. My lab will stay out all day, every day. My pug IMG_0427likes to sleep on the couch all day.


Last May, I flew to Chicago for a meeting. My husband was left in charge of the dogs. He assured me that he was coming home early to feed them and let them out. Well, he did come home early and do those things…and then he left to go back to work. He chose to leave the dogs out in the newly fenced-in yard.


Once I landed in Chicago, I turned my phone on. Almost immediately I received a call from Animal Control. The officer asked, “Are you the owner of a older female pug?’ My heart was in my throat. My mind was racing. I imagined that she had been hit by a car.


What I said, however, was, “I do have a pug but you must be mistaken. My husband is home with my dogs.” The officer then asked me to hold. He returned to the call saying, “That was your husband, he’s headed home now.”


I was furious, mostly from fear. I called my husband and said, “Do not call back until you send me a picture of Mia (my pug) safe & sound in our home.”


I received the picture about an hour later. My husband sent me a video of Mia doing the perp walk down the corridor of the animal control shelter with dogs IMG_1370barking at her from either side. She looked tired and repentant.


The next picture that followed was Mia asleep on the couch. My husband called and said that both he & Mia needed a drink and a nap!


It turned out that Mia dug her way out of the new fenced-in yard. My husband has since reinforced the bottom of the fence. I have since reinforced that Mia does NOT stay out all day.


I was so grateful that a kind neighbor found her and knew exactly where to take her for safe-keeping, Westport Animal Control. They were so kind and gentle to all of us.


I will be featuring an adoptable dog in my newsletter each week. Westport Animal Shelter Advocates (WASA) will choose which dog to feature. WASA advocates (to maintain the shelter as a no kill facility) and funds the vet care for the dogs impounded at Westport Animal Control.


I come from a dog family. I am a dog lady. I want to share with you the quote hanging on the shelter door, “The Greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ~ Ghandi


Please consider adopting, not shopping for your next pet.IMG_0070