If you are from Westport, you are, by now, familiar with Westport Library’s “ What do you geek campaign?” It’s a clever marketing idea. Library patrons, dressed entirely in black, have their picture professionally taken with the words, “I geek “ followed by their favorite topic. Props are added to the picture to add color and make the topic pop. The implication is that the library helped the person become a well-educated “geek” re: their topic.


geekbeachbikesOf course, I had my picture taken. My caption reads, “I geek beach bikes.”


The library has always been one of my favorite places, no matter where I live. But, The Westport Library is where I went to do my research in order to start my business, Westport Bike Rentals.


My first stop was the Fairfield County’s SCORE office where I met my mentor, Bob Hogan. He suggested I write a business plan. In order to dig deep into my target market and the market trends I headed to the reference desk at The Westport Library.


The librarians were helpful, knowledgeable and tremendously supportive! I had 2 librarians pulling articles and reference books for me. I was off in the right direction. The hours I spent there that day provided me with photocopies of the data I needed for my market research & competitive research and it empowered me because I had the information I needed as proof that my business was viable.


IMG_1734I am no longer writing my business plan, but I still regularly visit the library. I attend library programs, I borrow book and books on CD (yep, still listen to books on CD), and I use the library as a meeting place for business as well as a meetup place for friends.

But the most exciting library event is happening this weekend: the 24th Annual GIGANTIC Summer Book Sale from Jul 16th –Jul19th under the tents on Jessup Green.


You can also stop and play a game of ping pong with the view of the Saugatuck River! In fact, it’s #6 on the The Bike Lady’s Top 10 Ways to Chillax in Westport:

PING-PONG AT WESTPORT LIBRARY: I have never seen a ping pong table at a library, but Westport Library has one. It’s outside the lower level with a view of the Saugatuck River. No red cups, but just as much fun! Lots of reasons to love the game: no gym skills needed, no time to think about anything but the bouncy ball, and finding a partner is easy.